Hynds Aquanect Suite

This software package includes both the Hynds Aquanect App and the Hynds Aquanect Customer Portal.


Hynds Aquanect App

Your service tool for site survey and onboarding the Hynds Smarterwater Manholes sensors.

It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


Hynds Aquanect Customer Portal

Provides a visualisation platform that allows you to remotely monitor your assets’ activity. The network data can be used for predictive maintenance, analysing asset performance, and problem-solving.

Features of Hynds Aquanect Customer Portal

  • Map location of each device
  • Site information survey data (parameters and photos)
  • Sensor status indication
  • Device identification
  • Level data downloadable in CSV file format
  • Live data recording to the Aquanect dashboard
  • Connection to your data lake via Hook API
  • Customised threshold and alarm
    • Multiple thresholds can be customised at different levels
    • Alarms when the water level reaches your set threshold
    • Proximity alarm, when a level is near to overflow
  • Manhole cover entry alarm
    • Alerts when manhole lid is open


For more information, visit Aquanect.co.nz.


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